Group Therapy & Skills Training

There is power in numbers.

The ability to connect with others who can understand your experience firsthand and work toward resolution or understanding can be invaluable.

Midwest Counseling offers you the opportunity to work with other people in a small group to explore various issues andr learn skills to better understand and manage difficult issues in your life.



DBT Skills Group (*virtual*)

  • When: Tuesdays 5p-6p
  • Cost: $50 per session
  • Description: In this 15 week DBT skills course, we learn ways to increase relaxation, acceptance, and focus on the present moment (Mindfulness), tolerate difficult feelings/situations without making things worse (Distress Tolerance), reduce impulsive thinking and behaviors (Middle Path), deal with conflicts effectively and maintain/improve relationships (Interpersonal Effectiveness), and understand/manage difficult or intense emotions (Emotion Regulation). This group requires that members are also participating in individual therapy and able to commit to consistent attendance. For more information please contact Rose Metivier, LCPC (312-612-9398). 


RO DBT Skills Class (*virtual*)

  • When: Multiple groups offered - Fridays 12p-1p or 1:30p-2:30p
  • Cost: $50 per session
  • Description: RO DBT offers a new approach to helping those struggling with disorders of overcontrol. RO DBT is useful for those who struggle with overcontrol: Inhibited emotional expression * Maladaptive perfectionism * Rigid rule-following behaviors * Social signaling, isolation,& loneliness. RO might be a good fit for the following: obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, OCD, eating disorders, Autism spectrum disorders , treatment-resistant anxiety , chronic depression, or maladaptive perfectionism.

    Classes are currently full, but please reach out to Dr. Danielle Doucette, (773-999-9831) for more information or to be placed on the waitlist.


Mindful Moderation Group (*virtual*)

  • When: Mondays 6:30p-7:30p
  • Cost: $50 per session
  • Description: This group will support anyone that is exploring reducing or re-integrating their alcohol or cannabis use after a period of abstinence. This group will look at how to mindfully moderate use, how to share this with others, ways to increase social support, and how to be open to accountability. For more information or questions please contact Lauren McCrary, LCSW (312-834-4089).