Group Therapy & Skills Training

There is power in numbers.

The ability to connect with others who can understand your experience firsthand and work toward resolution or understanding can be invaluable.

Midwest Counseling offers you the opportunity to work with other people in a small group to explore various issues andr learn skills to better understand and manage difficult issues in your life.



Mindful Moderation Group (*virtual*)

  • When: Fridays 2:30p-4p
  • Cost: $50 per session
  • Description: This group will support anyone that is exploring reducing or re-integrating their alcohol or cannabis use after a period of abstinence. This group will look at how to mindfully moderate use, how to share this with others, ways to increase social support, and how to be open to accountability. For more information or questions please contact Meredith McQuiston, LCSW (312-970-1087).


The Breakfast Club - Meal Support Group *virtual*

  • When: Saturday mornings, 9:30a-10:30a
  • Cost: $15 per session
  • Description: Bring a meal to join us and eat with peer & dietitian support. This group will be useful for those working on difficulty making meal decisions in the moment, rule governing food choices and restrictive eating patterns. Clients do not have to be working with a Midwest Counseling & Diagnostics dietitian or therapist to participate in this group. For any questions or if you are interested in joining this group at please contact Hannah Gruenewald, RD (312) 278-7369


Making Meaning of Grief Group (*virtual*)

  • When: Fridays 4p-5:30p
  • Cost: $35 per session
  • Description: A safe and supportive environment for adults who have experienced the death of a friend, parent, sibling, or other special person This group seeks to normalize the intense impact of grief; facilitate acceptance of grief and promote healing through mindfulness practice; provide a nonjudgmental atmosphere to share thoughts, process emotions, and receive support. This group is open to all individuals aged 25-65 who began the grieving process at least one year ago. The group will run for 8 weeks. In order to promote connection and cohesion between group members, each member is kindly requested to commit to attending at least 4 weeks. For more information or to join this group please contact Dr. Alana Goldberg, (312) 529-8643.


Modern Loneliness Group (*virtual*)

  • When: Mondays 12p-1p
  • Cost: $30 per session
  • Description: An interpersonal process group for adults of all genders between ages 26-34 who experience loneliness, disconnection, or are craving deeper relationships. We will focus on discussing, exploring, and connecting around our shared experiences, consider creative ways of coping, and find meaning in collective struggle. For more information or questions please contact Tori Cherry, LCSW (312-561-9245).


Body Image Group (*virtual*)

  • When: Tuesdays 6p-7:30p
  • Cost: $50 per session
  • Description: This is a psycho-educational process group for anyone 18+ who struggles with a difficult or painful relationship to their body. This group is for the many who experience shame, poor self-esteem, food and weight preoccupation, social isolation, and unrelenting anxiety related to body hatred. With an emphasis on body liberation and anti-racism, this group will seek to help individuals find healing and empowerment to move past their poor body image and into freedom and radical love. For more information or to join this group please contact Savannah Shotts, LCPC (501) 743-9552 or Tori Cherry, LCSW (312) 561-9245.


Eating Disorder Recovery Group (*virtual*)

  • When: Mondays 4p-4:50p
  • Cost: $30 per session
  • Description: Join us in a space for all individuals in the process of eating disorder recovery. We will explore emotions, thinking patterns and behaviors associated with the eating disorder, work toward accepting thoughts and feelings, as well as finding safe and meaningful ways to express them, and learn ways to foster a sense of connection and hope for lasting recovery. Individuals are welcome to join at any time, however, in an effort to create a safe and cohesive environment, we do ask that each individual make a commitment to attend at least 4 weeks. For more information or to join this group please contact Julia Burke, LCSW (312) 798-9289.


OCD Book Club (*virtual*)

  • When: Quarterly, Wednesday 7p-8p
  • Cost: $40 per session
  • Description: Join us for this quarterly Book Club where we will meet to discuss topics related specifically to OCD. This will be a space to feel seen and heard in the disorder as well as a discussion of the book together. For more information or to join this group please contact Julia Burke, LCSW (312) 798-9289.


RO DBT Skills Class (*virtual*)

  • When: Multiple groups offered - Fridays 12p-1p or 1:30p-2:30p
  • Cost: $50 per session
  • Description: RO DBT offers a new approach to helping those struggling with disorders of overcontrol. RO DBT is useful for those who struggle with overcontrol: Inhibited emotional expression * Maladaptive perfectionism * Rigid rule-following behaviors * Social signaling, isolation,& loneliness. RO might be a good fit for the following: obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, OCD, eating disorders, Autism spectrum disorders , treatment-resistant anxiety , chronic depression, or maladaptive perfectionism.

    Classes are currently full, but please reach out to Dr. Danielle Doucette, (773-999-9831) for more information or to be placed on the waitlist.


DBT Skills Group (*virtual*)

  • When: Tuesdays 5p-6p
  • Cost: $50 per session
  • Description: In this 15 week DBT skills course, we learn ways to increase relaxation, acceptance, and focus on the present moment (Mindfulness), tolerate difficult feelings/situations without making things worse (Distress Tolerance), reduce impulsive thinking and behaviors (Middle Path), deal with conflicts effectively and maintain/improve relationships (Interpersonal Effectiveness), and understand/manage difficult or intense emotions (Emotion Regulation). This group requires that members are also participating in individual therapy and able to commit to consistent attendance. For more information please contact Rose Metivier, LCPC (312-612-9398).