Individual Therapy

Our licensed, skilled therapists work collaboratively with you in individual therapy to identify your goals for treatment. In session, we use an evidence-based approach to help you move closer to the life you would like to live and see a path to get there.

Group Therapy & Skills Training

There is power in numbers. In our group therapy and skills training sessions, you can explore various issues, learn coping skills, and gain perspective with others who understand your experience firsthand. 

Psychological Testing

Midwest Counseling provides a myriad of psychological testing for children, adolescents, and adults, including cognitive assessments, learning disorder assessments, substance abuse and dependence evaluations, and school refusal evaluations.

Nutritional Counseling

Our nutritional counseling embraces a philosophy of balance, variety, and moderation to guide people from fear-based food choices to freedom-based food choices.

Clinical Consultation & Training

Ongoing learning and diverse perspectives provide the best opportunity for therapists to grow personally and professionally. We offer opportunities for clinical consultation and training with a variety of specialists.