Mimi Neathery


Mimi Neathery, Psy. D. (She/Her)

Direct (312) 549-9686 | mimi@midwestcounseling.com

Concentration:  Individual and couples therapy related to eating disorders, trauma & loss, identity development, life transitions, mood regulation, perfectionism and addiction.

Biography: Dr. Mimi Neathery is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who enjoys working with adults and young adults with emotional struggles that undermine their capacity to feel confident and successful. Her treatment approach centers on identity development and understanding and addressing behaviors that interfere with developing effective coping skills. In this context, she believes in the importance of strengthening self-agency and empowering her clients. 

Dr. Neathery earned her doctorate of psychology in 2007 from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and has been with Midwest Counseling since 2014. Before joining the practice, she worked at treatment centers in the Chicago area and gained specialized training in diagnostic assessment, eating disorder treatment and psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Dr. Neathery’s approach to psychotherapy begins with developing a trusting, collaborative relationship. She works with each client to explore their hopes and set intentions for their future. She focuses on the present circumstances and the actions needed to reduce harmful behaviors and clear a path to realize these intentions. Throughout therapy, Dr. Neathery supports each individual in deepening their self-awareness within a therapeutic space where they can reflect on their choices and actions. Through a rare compassion and a keen shared curiosity with her clients, Dr. Neathery encourages and challenges each individual to follow through on making changes that support their personal growth and recovery.