Clinical Consultation & Training

Midwest Counseling is proud to offer clinical consultation and training services for clinicians outside our practice.


We firmly believe that ongoing learning and diverse perspectives provide the best opportunity for therapists and counselors to grow personally and professionally.

We have opportunities for consultation with specialists in eating disorders, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), addiction/recovery, and trauma. We also have weekly group consultation meetings focused on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)-informed treatment, eating disorders, and addiction.

Additionally, Midwest Counseling experts are available to present to outside organizations,  offering education on specific areas of expertise.

If you would like to learn more about consultation or clinical trainings at Midwest Counseling, or are interested in having one of our clinicians speak at your organization, please contact Dr. Danielle Doucette, Psy. D.


Danielle Doucette



Danielle Doucette, PsyD, CEDS-S is a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and an approved supervisor, designated by the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP) Certification Committee. This allows Dr. Doucette to provide consultation/supervision for therapists and other mental health professionals who are pursuing certification as eating disorder specialists. If you are a provider interested in working towards your CEDS, you are required to be supervised by an IAEDP-approved supervisor. Dr. Doucette, who enjoys mentoring, teaching, and empowering clinicians to grow and thrive in their professional careers, offers individual and small group supervision.

Contact Dr. Doucette at for more information.

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With 14 years of clinical supervision experience, I approach supervision from a collaborative framework to help supervisees grow in their professional life which will help them better serve their clients. Working through complex emotions in a safe space allows supervisees to manage the stress experienced on the job. I follow a developmental approach to supervision which adjusts for and to the level of expertise of the supervisee, primarily using the teacher role with novice supervisees and consultation with more experienced supervisees. I have supervised clinicians in the following areas of practice: individual counseling, family therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Child-Parent Psychotherapy, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, trauma spectrum disorders, children and families involved in the child welfare system, child and adult survivors of childhood abuse, non-violent crisis intervention, parent-child relational problems, and parenting issues.

Contact Amy Joslin at for more information.

Meredith McQuiston,



As a seasoned social work supervisor with decades of experience, Meredith is dedicated to empowering direct practice clinicians and enhancing their effectiveness with clients. Meredith holds a bachelor's degree in Gender Studies (2004) from the University of Texas at Dallas and Masters in Social Work, specializing in Health (2015) from Loyola University Chicago. She has developed a strong foundation in clinical interventions using evidence based practices. She honed her skills through hands-on experience using interventions individually and in group settings and as a learning leader in supervising emerging professionals. Professional setting experiences include: criminal court system, hospitals, in-patient psychiatry, intensive outpatient treatment, and currently as an outpatient psychotherapist. Known for her leadership abilities, Meredith fosters a collaborative and supportive environment where clinicians can thrive through open feedback and self reflection. She provides guidance, mentorship, and training to help develop skills and achieve sustainable professional ideals.

Meredith is passionate about addiction, mental health, domestic violence, the queer community, and advocates for trauma responsive interventions that address the unique needs of these groups. In addition to her role as a therapist, Meredith is committed to ongoing learning and professional development. She stays abreast of the latest research, best practices, and trends in the field of social work to ensure she delivers quality care and support. Her continued education and training includes: DBT (traditional and RO), MBS (Mindfulness Based Sobriety), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), EFT (Emotion Focus Therapy), Mindful Self-Compassion, Shame Resilience, Yoga, CADC, Clinical Social Work Supervision, and EMDR.

Outside of work, Meredith enjoys spending time with her friends, playing games, gentle parenting her plants to thrive inside, and managing her cat's social media presence. She loves traveling with her husband, or sister, or anyone really. Her favorite road trip snack is a Dr. Pepper and hot Cheetos.

Contact Meredith McQuiston at for more information.