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Michael Chamberlain, PsyD

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Focus: Psychological testing, ADHD, learning disorders, and neurodiversity

Biography: Michael Chamberlain, PsyD is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in comprehensive psychological testing. Dr. Chamberlain is passionate about helping individuals understand how information-processing, executive functioning and cognitive capacity impacts day-to-day experiences at work, school and home. He is experienced at selecting and utilizing a wide range of assessment instruments to help answer diagnostic questions about Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Specific Learning Disorders and neuro-diversity in individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Since anxiety and depression can have similar symptom profiles to neuro-cognitive differences, a thorough mood inventory is also gathered from each client. Dr. Chamberlain’s expertise is particularly helpful in answering questions similar to the following:

- “I think I might have ADHD but when I was younger my parents always thought it was just anxiety, can you help me understand that better?”

- “When I’m reading from a text book, I feel like I have to go over the same paragraph six times before it sinks in, is that normal?”

- “Now that I’m working at my first job after graduating from college, I find it a daily challenge to organize my thoughts into a cohesive written statement and it’s interfering with deadlines, do you think I might have an actual writing disorder?”

Knowing that day-to-day functioning is an interaction of capacity, experience, personality and culture, Dr. Chamberlain uses a collaborate approach and validated psychometric instruments to gain a thorough understanding of the client experience and provide diagnostic clarification to care teams.