Jeri Sedlacek


Jeri Sedlacek

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Concentration: Individuals, couples, families and group therapy related to substance abuse and process addictions (sex, pornography, gambling, shopping, etc.). Ms. Sedlacek also provides treatment for mental health issues related to stress management, anxiety, depression, codependency and family of origin issues.

Biography: Jeri Sedlacek is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with over 20 years experience with issues related to substance abuse, addictions and co-occurring disorders. She is a certified problem gambling therapist (PCGC), a certified employee assistance professional (CEAP), as well as a certified sex addiction therapist (CSAT), the latter being helpful in addressing not only compulsive sexual behaviors, but also infidelity, pornography, trauma, and helping her clients recognize and learn to develop healthy relationships.

Jeri works to establish a safe and supportive relationship with her clients, in which to explore issues that impact their emotional wellbeing--using strengths to help make the necessary changes to promote balance and improve their lives.